Established in 1971 at the MU Arthritis Center, the Missouri Arthritis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (MARRTC) was the only federally funded arthritis rehabilitation research and training center in the country. As part of their Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department at the University of Missouri, MARRTC’s mission was to become a national leader in the area of disability management, improve the quality of life and promote independent living among people with arthritis and arthritic conditions.

To achieve their mission, MARRTC conducted cutting-edge rehabilitation research that addresses the needs of people with arthritis in general, as well as the specific needs of minority populations, who are particularly vulnerable to the devastating effects of arthritis. Research efforts include, but were limited to:

  • Exploring the newest assistive technologies.
  • Evaluating the latest rehabilitation techniques and exercise methods.
  • Designing self-management and group management programs.
  • Improving understanding about arthritis and related problems from medical, legislative and socio-economic perspectives by developing research and training programs that help consumers, policy makers and service providers better understand the complexities of the disease and its far-reaching implications.
  • Improving understanding and interpretation of available arthritis research among consumers and other stakeholders.
  • Working on several public awareness projects designed to help improve understanding of the disease among local and national media, among people with disabilities, and among the general population.

About 70 million Americans live with some form of arthritis, a number that has likely rose as the American population ages. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability among American adults, costing the nation $21.7 billion a year in direct medical costs alone. The actual costs balloon to $65 billion a year when other factors such as lost productivity and days off work are taken into consideration. Arthritis, which is an umbrella term for more than 100 conditions, is an often misunderstood and potentially disabling disease that diminishes the quality of life for millions of Americans.


The Missouri Arthritis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center was funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research of the U.S. Department of Education under grant number H133B031120. The opinions contained in this Web site are those of the grantee and do not necessarily reflect those of the US Department of Education.

Section 508 Compliance
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments requires that individuals with disabilities have access to and use of federal information, services, and data that is comparable to those provided members of the public who are not individuals with disabilities.

MARRTC still continues working to achieve 100 percent compliance and apologizes for any inconveniences. If you have any questions or comments about the information presented here, or wish to report any problems, please forward to them. They will strive to correct the problem as soon as possible.